Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My happiness shattered--- the loss of a beloved pet and friend.

My idea of happiness was shattered when i had to make that dreaded decision. You know.. that decision that every pet owner dreads. it is possibly the hardest thing in life to do.I had to have my beloved pet and dear friend put to sleep. now i know she lived a full and happy life.. she was 14 years old. but that sentiment alone does not make it any easier to make that decision. It shattered my own little bubble of happiness. I am still having problems looking a pictures of her. That's her in the picture above. She was the sweetest little dachshund you could ever meet. She was loved by my whole (small) family. She was the best dog you could have. I miss her so much.
Now i sit here trying to find where my happiness happens again. I have tried to plan my scrapbook or to plan a vacation to get my mind off of thinking about how much I miss her. So far i can honestly tell you that it is not working. Not at all.
i do believe that i will have to find my happiness in the thoughts and memories of her for now. i am going to try not to focus on how sad i am and focus on how precious that time was that we had together.
Will I find where my happiness happens again..... I'm sure i will but it's going to take some time.

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