Friday, March 27, 2015

Visit with Linda.....part 2

Started out the day with a decent breAkfast....well....except the sucked. Then around noon we went to pick up Linda. We went out to Wahoos for some lunch and drinks.

We ordered a bunch of appetizers to share. AND DRINKS OF COURSE!! 

I had a Mai Tai. I said Mai Tais for everyone but they decided in other drinks. 
Jumbo soft pretzels with cheese sauce. Can I get a YUM-MY!!!! 

We had a very nice view. 
Linda and Wendy
Linda and I
We had such a great visit. Wish we could visit more often. I miss my best friend. 

After returning from wahoos we hung out at Linda's. We chatted, starting watching the Miami-Atlanta game. Then we had some chineses food. 

Thanks Linda and jerry. 

Tomorrow a mets spring training game. Woohoo!! 

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  1. Miss you too :-( wish we lived closer, but we did have a great day, Love ya <3