Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Smash Book!

I have been working on collecting things in my pretty pink smash book. I have put a lot of things into already. It is kind of a catch-all book of all things. Things that mean something to me. Which means of course that there are a  lot of dog related pictures in it.

I guess I should explain what a smash book is. It is sort of like a scrapbook. I do some scrapbooking as well but in some ways I enjoy this more. Maybe it reminds me of being younger. I remember having a book that I saved things in a combination journal/scrapbook. Little things like movie tickets and certain pictures or a pressed flower and then a note about what it was. Well this is the same, at least that's how I'm using mine. So it's alittle messy as well as a little creative and in some ways a bit chaotic.  =)

This is what the book looked like before I started adding things to it. It comes with a pen/glue stick combo to make it easy to add things to the book.
This is what it looks like now that I have added all kinds of fun things.

Now for some of the fun stuff!!

1st page Isabella from Disney's Phineas & Ferb

Now the next few pages.............
I added a pocket to hold a couple of bookmarks and a postcard.

I found a fun article in readers digest.

close up of star trek article.

Buzz Lightyear!! One of my Favorites!!!

Dachsunds.... Big Surprise right!?

My small family. My SIL graduation. She went to school when she retired... how cool.

Disney inspired fashion!! Love IT

Couple of movie tickets. Random journaling.

Two people I miss very much!!

And continuing on.........
more about  dogs!


Broadway show tickets.


My Xena! I miss her!

Mickey ice cream bars


Favorite books.

Big Bang Theory

Things I want!

Leaves from the the first fall in our new house.. 2004

Some misc. things from Epcot.

Def leppard concert

Flowers just flowers!!!

Trip to Vermont/New Hampshire with Berry(RIP)


More Disney

Misc quotes

Buster and jilly My babies!!!

Just some random things about me.

some of my favorite amime. 
Pixar and studio-ghibli films

Cynthia... my love
Card from a dear friend


Rainbow bridge

So that's my book. I have a couple more that I am working on. I find I like keeping them kind of random. so I add to them when the mood strikes or if I want to remember something. I have so much fun collecting things to put in them. Anything from movie tickets to napkins to well.. just about anything.

Well thanks for looking.


  1. Lush book! Thx 4 sharing! :)

  2. Thanks Michelle. I have so much fun with it!

  3. loving the randomness of your book! Isabella rocks as an opening and the friendship algorithm is awesomeness squared! Just wish the smashbooks had bigger bindings.

    1. Thank You. It was so much fun. I don't really stick to specific themes. I have other smash books that I'm working in and I just kind of let it flow. I create what I feel at the time.