Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Disney Smash #7 shopping and misc...

 Above and below are pages I made about some of the things we picked up on on trip. We shopped a bit at Downtown disney. I saved some of the tags and took a couple of pictures of things we looked at and things we purchased. The page below is two postcards I purcahed from the Japan pavilion in Epcot. They are so pretty!!

 These two pages are about Cinderella castle in Magic Kingdom. I love taking pictures of the castle. I wrote about seeing the castle.
 Pages about some misc. things...the luggage claim tickets from our trip home, a wrapper from some fruit chews, and a couple of pictures. The license plate on a car read Bops car. We got a kick out of it cause my brother's nickname growing up was Be-Bop. The other picture is the word Be- Bop on top of one of the Buildings at the resort.
In the pocket I made I had two photo mats. I used them for a couple of pictures that i was particularly fond of.

This page is about things I did on this trip for the first time. I finally wrote some of the rides I tend to shy away from. I loved them!!!

 The page above is about riding Space ranger spin. I scored the max that you can score(see close up below) I love this ride. I was even able to repeat my score... I was so excited.... The other side is more about Magic Kingdom I believe.

Thank you for looking... I hope you enjoy...

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