Friday, March 1, 2013

Disney Smash Book. #5 Art of Animation, Hollywood Studios, Friends

 All the pages to the right are of the Art of Animation Resort. we walked over there one morning. We were staying at the Pop Century so it was a quick walk over the Generation Gap bridge.We took lots and lots of pictures as we meandered around. 

The theming is incredible and beautiful. It really makes you feel like you are inside a Disney movie. My favorite was the cars section and The Little mermaid section. The other two sections are The Lion King and Fionding Nemo. The Finding Nemo around is also around the big pool.


We walked thru the lobby and the gift store into the food court and the incredible theming is just immersive throughout the entire place.

We had a great time walking thru this resort. I would love to stay there.

 This page was from a get together with a friend we haven't sen in a great number of years. We were best friends from high school and used to hang out all the time. We were able to get together and catch up. We sat at Petals Pool Bar at the Pop Century and just enjoyed each others company. We ate a nice dinner together at the food court. It was a lot of fun and we are looking forward to getting together again soon. 


Next pages are from the day at Hollywood Studios. We were there at opening.... we rode Toy Story Mania. We rode three times that day... it was a blast.

We went to see the lights, motor, action stunt show. It was a hot day sitting there watching it but it was worth it. Then we did the drawing class at The animation academy. It was so much fun. We both were left wondering why we never did it before.

 We drew Eeyore, which was great as he is definitely one of my favorite characters.

 We had lunch at Pizza Planet. I know the pizza is less than it could be but it's a quick fun place to have lunch. We enjoyed it. The page next to it I used to talk about our trip to the ESPN club. We had lunch there on a Sunday to watch a football game. We were also with our friend still so it made it extra special. The place was a hoot. It is loud and there are TVs everywhere including the bathrooms. It has a great atmosphere about it.. If you enjoy your sports.... LOVED IT!!! 

Thanks for looking.. Have a great day!! 

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