Thursday, June 4, 2015

Another year... another disney smash book... Disneyworld vacation sept2014 part 1

My Sept. 2014 Walt Disney World Vacation. Above is the cover of my smash book. I used the Simple orange  smash  book. Inside page is just a sticker received from the disney site. I was able to create a cute sticker and then have it sent to me. Next is just a chipboard Mickey and Minnie I had. I tried to keep this book simple. I didn't want it to be super fancy just to be a memory for me
These next pages below are just the maps of the parks and of Downtown Disney and of course the Pop Century resort.
Close ups of pictures on Pop century pages.
This was the view when we were at the elevators.
We were in one of the 80s buildings and all you saw was Roger Rabbits butt when you had to wait for the elevator. for some reason I found this amusing. i know i know... very childish but hey I was on vacation!
This is a picture of our window. i love decorating the window of our room. We have a purple string of lights in the window as well as a Boo to You banner. I am hoping to add more decorations to our window when we go this year.
That's it for today. I'll post more pages in a few days.
Thanks for taking a look. : )

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  1. Love the window!!! LOL @ rabbit butt view :-)